Turner, John Frayn.


New ed., 2001. 160 pp., photo-plates. D.j., 22 x 14cm. FINE. There were thirty-two VCs of the air during the Second World War yet how many of their names are known today? This book remembers the forgotten VCs such as Kenneth Campbell who torpedoed the GNEISENAU in the harbour of Brest from a height of 50 feet, racing between the flak ships at mast height; or William Reid, who having lost his navigator and wireless operator, his aircraft crippled and himself deprived of oxygen, continued to penetrate a further 200 miles into enemy territory to attack one of the most strongly defended targets in Germany. This book reflects the whole war in the air more graphically than any impersonal history could do. The story starts in the days before Dunkirk and finishes a few days before the atom bombs were dropped on Japan.

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