Rickenbacker, Edward V.


New Jersey, 1st ed., 1967. 458 pp., photo-plates. D.j., 23 x 15cm. Nr.FINE. A legend in his own lifetime, the author was one of the earliest racing-car drivers on the national circuit. His enthusiasm for speed, mechanical perfection and for victory became focussed on aviation. During the First World War he battled in the skies with Richthofen's Flying Circus, flew the most perilous missions, downed 26 enemy aircraft, and became America's Ace of Aces earning 19 decorations. After the War the author, a Captain, built his own automobile business, his own company and his own car and finally joined General Motors. In a great financial battle he finally won the right of way to buy eastern Air Lines from General Motors. In 1941, after a miraculous recovery from a plane crash, the author served in a series of official missions in the early stages of World War II. Heading out on a 1942 pacific mission, he and his crew crashed into the sea and spent an incredible 24 days and nights floating in rubber rafts until rescued.

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