Miller, H. C.


1st ed., 1968. 166 pp., 42 photo-plates, ill. t-p. D.j., 22 x 14cm. FINE. The author gives a colourful picture of his early experiences of flight in Australia, then of Britain before the First World War when he went there to learn how to build and fly aircraft. There is a ‘Magnificent Men’ flavour about his adventures during this period, becoming more sombre when he joined the Royal Flying Corps and saw service in France. Returning to Australia he gives an enthralling picture of the abounding optimism with which fliers tried to start Australian civil air services. His own, MacRobertson Miller Air Services, was amongst the most successful, but there were many difficulties to be conquered first. He tells of the unreliable, sometimes bizarre aircraft, the daring flights and occasionally flamboyant fliers he encountered.

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