Gibbs, Wing Commander Patrick.


Rev., ed., 1993 (orig. pub. 1942 & 43.) 256 pp., 17 photo-plates + 1 other plate, + 1 map. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. A contemporary account of the author’s experiences before the outbreak of World War II and during the first two years of action to the beginning of 1942. From his training at Cranwell College, the author then spent a short spell in a light bomber squadron flying Hawker Harts before transferring to the Fleet Air Arm where he served on the aircraft carriers FURIOUS and COURAGEOUS, mastering the Shark and Swordfish. He went to Gosport as a flying instructor, before he eventually joined a torpedo squadron. His narrative describes an eventful progression from cadet to Flight Commander of a Beaufort squadron, whilst also giving a clear impression of the RAF and the evolving tactics of Beaufort squadrons as they adapted swiftly to changing circumstances and demands.

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