Courtney, Frank T.


Kimber, 1st ed., 1973. Xii + 297 pp., 31 photo-plates. D.j., 24 x 16cm. Nr.FINE. The author, one of the world’s first professional test pilots, played a large role in the growth of aviation. He progressed from aircraft apprentice to pilot duty in World War I, and back to test piloting after the war. He all but achieved the fame of being the first to fly the Atlantic, East to West in a "heavier-than-air" machine in 1928 and he was on the inside of British and American Aviation for forty of the most pioneering years, 1913-1953. A pioneer of trans-oceanic commercial flight, in World War II he was again a test pilot and afterwards remained as an engineer in the development of the jet. An important autobiography reflecting the development of aviation.

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