Young, Peter.


1st ed., 1985. Xxi + 393 pp. D.j., 24 x 16cm. P.325/6 printed with a corner folded over o/w FINE. The Civil War battle of Naseby brought an end to Charles I's fourth and final campaign against the Parliamentarian armies, and thus signalled the end of all his hopes of military victory. It was also the first major engagement of the recently-formed New Model Army, and provided a foretaste of military technique for the future. This book provides the most complete account previously published of the course of the battle and of the campaign which preceded it. The author conjures up in telling detail the dramatic atmosphere of the early summer of 1645, when the fate of England hung in the balance; and in reconstructing the course of the battle moment by moment he brings to bear his own unique experience and understanding of military realities.

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