Jones, B. T. (Ed. & Translator).


Military Memoirs series, 1st ed., 1969. Xxiv + 200 pp., frontis. D.j., 22 x 14cm. Nr.FINE. Comparatively few memoirs of the Napoleonic period from the French side have ever been published in English. These memoirs of an officer in Napoleon’s army provide a fascinating picture of that army in action, in victory and in defeat – at Eylau and Jena, at Wagram, in the Peninsula and at Leipzig. They show the army’s organisation and morale and the life and views of the class from which the writer came, the bourgeoisie. Enlisted into the 20th Regiment of Chasseurs in 1803, his memoirs cover the subsequent twelve years during which time he rose from the ranks of the light cavalry to become, after being commissioned in the field, a captain in the elite Guard. After campaigns in Prussia, Poland, Austria, Spain, Saxony and France – and the many amorous adventures which enliven his account of them – he was at Fontainebleau to record the melancholy scene of the Emperor’s farewell to his Guard.

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