Horward, Donald (Ed.).


(1st ed., ) 1986. Xi + 689 pp. D.j., 24 x 16cm. Spine of d.j., faded o/w V.G.+. This magnificent bibliography distils an estimated 220,000 books on Napoleonic military history into just one volume of 24 chapters. Each chapter has an introductory essay by the selected contributor which evaluates the works of long-dead and modern authors, participants, analysts, pundits and simple bores. Each writer mentioned is keyed into the alphabetically arranged bibliography which concludes each section. These sections, as well as treating each major campaign or region, also look at the generation of wars against the French Republic, Consulate and Empire (1792-1815) from the points of view of combatant nations ' including the West Indies, Switzerland and the Ottoman Empire among others. Full introductory generalist sections give overall orientation, and roughly some 7,300 books are described in all. David Chandler, a famous historian of the period, writes "It is hard to fault this fine volume", a volume that is unarguably definitive. Uncommon.

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