Groushko, M. A.


1st ed., 1992. 144 pp., cold., frontis., + cold., + b&w photo-ills., + ills. D.j., 29 x 22cm. FINE. Cossacks were not an ethnic group, but a warrior class who became the imperial shock troops of the Russian Tsar, while still reserving the right to ply their bloody trade for the highest bidder or in their own interests. In between waging wars and pillaging, the Cossacks evolved their much-admired democratic way of life but they suffered deeply during Russia’s Bolshevik revolution and in the years following. This is a lavishly illustrated record of the history and culture of a unique ‘people’. It begins with the origins of the Cossacks and follows their bloody history as they develop from outlaws and mercenaries into a warrior nation.

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