Forman, Denis.


1st ed., 1991. 220 pp., photo-plates. D.j., 24 x 16cm. Nr.FINE. When the author joined his regiment he questioned why he and his colleagues were being trained to fight in World War One or the Battle of Waterloo when they were about to fight in the Second World War? Soon he learned that others were reasoning in the same way, and acting on it. At Barnard Castle there was a Battle School where Lionel Wigram was answering all the right questions in the right way. The author determined to get there where he found the training to be thrillingly relevant and Lionel became his friend and mentor. They met again in Italy where the Eight Army was edging its painful way up the Adriatic coast. Lionel was in disgrace for a report he had written (printed at the end of this book) to which General Montgomery took exception and demoted him. He recovered his spirits, however, when he began organising a mini-battle-school behind the lines, and eventually he was put in charge of guerrilla warfare in the Abruzzi. This book tells the story of Wigforce in detail, up to its bitter end. The author was knocked out of the war soon afterwards when he lost a leg at Cassino, but this he writes about in little more than a postscript.

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