Chalfont, Alun.


1st ed., 1976. Xvi + 365 pp., photo-plates + 11 maps. D.j., 24 x 16cm. Repair to small section of front of d.j., o/w V.G. Signed & Inscribed by the late author & historian, Dr. Colin White. The author sets out to discover how Field Marshal Montgomery of Alamein rose to the top of a profession committed to many of the civilized virtues which Montgomery conspicuously lacked – tolerance, charm, good manners and concern for the susceptibilities of others. The author is concerned with tracing the links between Montgomery's techniques of command and his military philosophy on the one hand, and his complex, often abrasive character on the other. He has achieved a balanced and objective analysis in which Montgomery's virtues, already widely advertised by his admirers, are fully recognised; but in which his deficiencies, so often restricted to Officers' Mess gossip and malicious anecdote, are clearly and often startlingly revealed.

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