Thomas, Gordon. & Morgan-Witts, Max.


1st.Eng.ed., 1973. 252 pp., 22 photo-plates, map, plan & pict. e.p’s. D.j. 21 x 14cm. V.G. The burning wreck of the passenger liner MORRO CASTLE ran aground only yards from the promenade off the beach at Asbury Park, New Jersey, in 1934 Mystery surrounds the circumstances that brought her to this tragic end when only a few hours out of New York bound for Havana. The liner caught fire and the flames spread with terrifying swiftness, claiming the lives of 90 passengers and 35 seamen. In this book the authors reply to the questions Was it an accident? Why was no alarm raised? Why did the fire-fighting equipment fail to work? Why were lifeboats in short supply? The affair is full of human drama: incompetence, tragedy, heroism, and quite possibly murder. FINAL TRAGIC VOYAGE OF THE PASSENGER LINER S/S MORRO CASTLE IN 1934.

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