Sauer, Carl Ortwin.


University of California Press, Berkeley, Los Angeles; & Cambridge University Press, London. 1st.ed., 1966. Xii + 306 pp., map title-page + 27 other maps; pict. e.p’s. D.j., 26 x 18cm. Torn d.j. with slight loss o/w V.G. The author examines the events in the early history of the Spanish Main between 1492 and 1519 when the Spaniards were laying claim to their American empire. The effect on the native population of Latin American was enormous. The Spaniards were obsessed in their quest for gold and brutally suppressed the local inhabitants whom they used as forced labour. In one generation the natives of the Caribbean were reduced from millions to a few remnant handfuls. The author describes the voyages of discovery, the early years of Spanish administration and how the Spaniards dealt with the crises of their colonial policies. SPANISH RULE IN THE WEST INDIES & LATIN AMERICA FROM 1492 TO 1519.

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