Morton, Harry.


Vancouver / London, 1st.ed., 1975. Xxvii + 498 pp., 64 photo-plates + 59 drawings in text. D.j., 26 x 18cm. Spine of dust jacket faded (lettering in perfect order) o/w FINE. This book is based on the journals of over a hundred seamen who sailed the Pacific Ocean down the centuries and examines the problems, hardships, courage and ingenuity of these men in overcoming the vastness of this great expanse of water. The book is divided into five sections. Section 1: Indigenous Pacific Watercraft contains 6 chapters examining every type of local craft from rafts to Chinese junks. 2: European Ships has 5 chapters and does the same for European vessels from warships and whalers to clippers and windjammers. 3: Maintenance and Movement has 5 chapters and covers navigation, routes, winds, superstitions, shipworms, groundings and repairs, rigging, sea-anchors, etc. 4: Health and Diet has 4 chapters and looks at general health, scurvy, food, sea cooks, animals at sea, etc. Finally 5: Actions and Interactions has 6 chapters and examines command, mutinies and discipline, pirates, women, music and the clash of cultures. The book is illustrated with 64 photographs and 59 drawings. FROM GALLEONS TO WINDJAMMERS; THE MEN AND SHIPS THAT SAILED THE PACIFIC IN THE DAYS OF SAIL.

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