Morey, George.


1st.ed., 1968. 285 pp., 28 photo-plates + maps. D.j., 22 x 14cm. Nr.FINE. Written over forty years ago, the North Sea was then at the heart of "the golden triangle" – a great concentration of industrial power situated between the Midlands, North-eastern England and Northern Germany. North Sea gas had just been discovered, the Dutch delta plan, the construction of Europoort, and great plans for the Humber and the North-east made the future of the North Sea look bright. From earliest times these waters had made a valuable contribution to Great Britain's island- story, but successive governments turned their backs on the nation's maritime heritage – its powerful merchant fleets and shipbuilding capacity – not to mention its vital heavy industries ashore. In this book Dr. Morey describes the circumstances that have brought the peoples on both sides of the North Sea together in peace and in war ; its trade links, smugglers, fishing industry, coasting trade, Greenland whaling, seaside resorts, Harwich packet service, the Navy in two World Wars, and its prospects for the future as envisaged in 1968. FORTUNES OF THE NORTH SEA.

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