Hill, John C. G.


Liverpool, 1st.ed., n.d. (c1951). Viii + 110 pp., 5 cold. plates + many b&w ills. Blue cloth ; houseflag to front cover. 22 x 14cm. Stamps of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners Library (Cancelled) o/w V.G. This book tells the story of Bristol shipping against the background of one famous firm established in the 18th century and which continued to build, repair, and own ships throughout the 19th century and up until the middle of the 20th century, when changing patterns of cargo-carrying brought about the demise of Bristol city docks. The story of the firm – Charles Hill and Sons – begins in the romantic days of the privateers and runs through the great age of the clipper ships and deep-sea square-riggers of the 19th century, on into the age of steam throughout two World Wars. The 10 appendices include Large Ships of 1801-1820. Wooden Ships Built at Albion Dockyard. Charles Hill & Sons Sailing Ships 1851-1878. First Bristol City Line Ships. Etc. Illustrated with photographs and other plates (5 in colour). HISTORY OF CHARLES HILL & SONS OF BRISTOL ; THEIR SQUARE-RIGGERS & STEAMERS.

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