Bryant, Arthur. Shanks, Edward. & Montgomery of Alamein, Field-Marshal Viscount.


1st ed. in book form, 1948. 32 pp. Green cloth; blue paper title-piece to front cover. 22 x 14cm. V.G. First published in the Daily Graphic in October and November 1948, this post-war study looks at two significant British battles separated by more than a century, in each case the victory marked a crucial turning point in a death struggle with a tyrannical continental enemy. After Trafalgar in 1805 Napoleon’s vision of French domination of Europe was thwarted. After Alamein in 1942 the ultimate fate of the Axis powers was sealed. Arthur Bryant and Edward Shanks wrote a series of articles and poems in tribute to British armed forces fighting for freedom. Lord Montgomery’s speech at the 1948 Alamein Reunion is also included in this book which brings together the four newspaper articles. POST-WAR TRIBUTE TO TWO BRITISH VICTORIES ON SEA AND LAND.

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