Lewis, Peter.


Putnam, 1st ed., 1971. 496 pp., frontis., + a wealth of photo-ills. D.j., 22 x 14cm. FINE. Uncommon. Since the beginning of the last century both racing and record-setting flights have played a prominent part in the British aviation scene, with each activity stimulating and contributing significantly to the development of new aeroplane and engine projects, particularly in the vital sphere of service designs. As the first comprehensive, illustrated account of the competitive aspects of British flying, this book is unique in recording chronologically in detail over 400 diverse aeroplane types which have participated in the story, many of standard or modified form, others evolved specifically for extreme speed, high altitude or ultimate range. The narrative embraces also gliders, balloons and airships, together with extensive descriptions of over 1,400 events and mention of nearly 2,000 of the celebrated men and women who, in varying degrees, have achieved distinction flying in them. The 470 photographs, many published for the first time, span the entire history, and this outstanding volume is rounded off by tabulated appendices giving technical data, air race results and record flights. An Uncommon Putnam title.

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