Evans, A. J.


1st ed., 1945. 238 pp. Beige cloth; 20 x 14cm. Browning to spine & in places to covers; front covers leaning a little o/w V.G. This handful of stories of RAF escapes and evasions during the Second World War illustrate some of the difficulties and problems facing the prisoners-of-war. In the first chapter an attempt was made to compare the conditions and problems experienced by prisoners in the 1940 war with those met by prisoners thirty years ago. With the exception of Von Werra's adventure these stories were told to the author by the men themselves and prior to this book no other record existed of their experiences. Included are descriptions of the escapes of F./Lt. H. N. Fowler, Captain A. D. Taylor, Private Gordon Instone, Wing-Commander Basil Embry, F./Lt. W. P. F. Treacy, Pilot Officer B. J. A. Rennie. The second part of the book looks at 'The Liberation of Westertimke and Barth', 'Neu Brandenburg' and 'Neu Brandenburg Re-visited'.

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