Dudley-Gordon, Squadron-Leader Tom.


N.d., c.1943 (1st ed.). 192 pp., frontis., + photo-plates + e.p. maps. D.j., 18 x 12cm. V.G. Here is the epic story of Coastal Command which was flying at full strength from the first day of the Second World War. Published during the war, this book takes the reader behind the scenes into the Headquarters’ Operations Room, where RAF Group Captains and RN Commanders were working side by side; into the Group Headquarters; into the Stations from which, by day and night, flew a never-ceasing series of patrolling aircraft; and into the aircraft themselves. The author, who had exceptional opportunities of watching the development and work of Coastal Command since the start of the war, discusses the question of co-operation with the Royal Navy and shows how the two Services were linked at every stage of the Command’s activities. In scarce dust-jacket.

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