MacDonald, Rod.


Edinburgh & London, 1st.ed., 1993.176 pp., Profusely illustrated with photographs, maps, diagrams, etc. (some cold.). Pict. laminated boards. 25 x 17cm. FINE. The author has selected ten of Scotland’s most famous shipwrecks in this practical and authoritative guide to the wreck sites by an accomplished diver. The story of the sinking of each vessel is described, together with a detailed description of the wreck today. The book is illustrated with charts, underwater photographs, etc. The ten vessels described are : HISPANIA, RONDO, BREDA, HMS PORT NAPIER, WALLACHIA, AKKA, SAN TIBURCIO, FRAM, KOLN, and KRONPRINZ WILHELM. The author provides a fascinating record that includes the fate of warships and cargo steamers. DIVES ON 10 SHIPWRECKS IN SCOTLAND’S COASTAL WATERS.

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