Creswell, Cmdr. John, Royal Navy.


FIRST EDITION, 1936. Xiii + 304 pp., map frontis (fldg.) + 5 other maps (4 fldg.). D.j., 23 x 15cm. Nr.FINE. This important study published in 1936 was aimed chiefly at young naval officers in the British fleet. With the coming of war three years later, the book experienced an appeal to a wider readership and wartime editions appeared (2nd edition 1942). A foreword is written by Admiral Sir Roger Keyes, leading the reader into a clear and concise examination of naval tactics and strategy as practised during the First World War. Commander Creswell also draws on the writings of Mahan, Corbett and Newbolt ; and on official German historical accounts of WWI. The nine chapters deal with battlefleet supremacy from the sailing ship era to the 20th century and the future. The battlefleet strategy of the weaker power. Tactics of a fleet action. Defence and attack on trade. Overseas expeditions. Etc. Two appendices include a study of naval bases. The book is illustrated with six maps (chiefly folding) and this first edition is very uncommon in dust jacket. THE ORIGINAL PRE-WAR EDITION OF COMMANDER CRESWELL'S INTRODUCTION TO NAVAL WARFARE FOR JUNIOR ROYAL NAVY OFFICERS.

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