Bercuson, David J. & Holger, H. Herwig.


1st.ed., 2002. 385 pp., 26 photo-plates & 4 maps. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. On the 27th May 1941, the powerful German battleship BISMARCK was sunk by an overwhelming British naval force in an action that lasted 90 minutes. Only 115 out of her 2,206 officers and ratings survived. In this fresh account of the BISMARCK affair, the authors describe the five-day campaign from her being spotted by the RAF about to sail with the PRINZ EUGEN, to the loss of the HOOD and the chase to catch up and destroy this major enemy threat to British and Allied shipping. The two authors have uncovered new material including close examination of classified British and U.S. diplomatic files, only recently opened, revealing the secret diplomatic manoeuvrings between Churchill and Roosevelt going on behind the scenes. Both Britain and America realized the impact on the war these two enemy warships would have if they were not prevented from reaching the open Atlantic. This is a gripping account of the battle told for the first time on a new level. NEW LIGHT ON THE DESTRUCTION OF THE PRIDE OF HITLER’S NAVY.

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