Redding, R. & Yenne, Bill.


Rep., 1988. 256 pp., cold., + b&w photo-ills., + ills. D.j., 31 x 23cm. FINE. The story of Boeing remembers some of the most memorable aircraft in American aviation history from the early Boeing mail-planes to the giant flying boats – the Clippers, that opened the transatlantic and transpacific airlines in the late 1930’s. During World War II there was the B-17 and the B-129 Superfortress. In the mid-50’s Boeing gave the US its first jetliner, the 707. A decade later, Boeing gave the world its largest jetliner, the 747. From its humble beginnings in a boathouse, this book traces Boeing’s history through the story of the people who built and developed the company.

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