Pitt, Barrie.


1st ed., 1980. Xix + 506 pp., 70 photo-plates; 27 maps + e.p., maps; 7 ills. D.j., 24 x 16cm. Nr.FINE. The Desert War lasted for three years of World War II and it secured for the Allies the vital Middle East oil supplies without which they would have lost. This book takes the story up to the relief of Tobruk. Earlier accounts of the Western Front have dealt individually with the toughness and expertise of the German troops who fought in the desert, the brilliant opportunism of General O’Connor’s force, the exploits of the Long Range Desert Group, the administrative genius of the soldier-poet General Wavell, and many other aspects of the Desert War. Yet never before has this whole theatre of Mediterranean conflict been drawn together in such detail and revealed in all its drama as the single epic campaign it was. Furthermore, the author has at last been able to weave into his finely wrought narrative the material recently released by the relaxation of the fifty-year rule, combining with it the colour and human detail he has gathered in countless talks, carried out over many years, with Eighth Army and Afrika Korps generals, junior officers and men.

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