Tent, James Foster.


Shrewsbury, 1st.ed., 1996. Xvi + 287 pp., 48 photographs, 5 drawings, 3 maps, & 10 tables. D.j., 23 x 15cm. FINE. Based on recently released top-secret Admiralty reports, rare photographic materials and extensive interviews with eye-witnesses from England, USA and Germany, the author has produced a comprehensive study of a little-known episode of WWII – the campaign to defend the D-Day fleet from Germany’s high-powered E-boats. The Germans built on their success of sinking three US tank-landing ships off Slapton Sands in April 1944, by placing reinforcements in the likely invasion area while the Allies searched for innovative ways to defend their vulnerable landing craft. Includes an account of the Lyme Bay disaster, Operation Neptune, the sea battle between the 6th and 13th June 1944, the Bomber Command attacks on E-boat pens, and the final retreat, pursuit and destruction of the E-boats. THE SCHNELLBOOTE THREAT AROUND D-DAY 1944.

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