Stubbs, Bernard.


1st.ed., 1940. 280 pp., 49 photo-plates. D.j., 21 x 14cm. V.G. (Uncommon in dust jacket). An early wartime account of the Royal Navy written by the BBC Naval Observer of the period, providing a glimpse into almost every branch of the Navy’s war work in 1940. Includes U-boat hunting, convoy duties, British and French submarine operations, the Merchant Navy at war, exploits of the Fleet Air Arm, contraband control, destroyer patrols, MTB fights, cruiser operations, minesweeping etc., as well as looking at the role of women in the Navy and at training establishments including GANGES. Illustrated with 49 photographs. CONTEMPORARY ACCOUNT OF THE ROYAL NAVY IN THE EARLY YEARS OF THE WAR 1939-1940.

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