Quinn, D. B. (Ed.).


2 Vols., Hakluyt Society, 1st.ed., 1974. Vol. I: Xxvi + 331 pp, frontis., + 17 other plates + a map (fldg.). Vol. II: Xiii + pp. 332 to 707; 37 plates. Both Vols: D.j’s., 22 x 14cm. Nr. FINE. These two volumes provide a useful reference guide to the works of the Rev. Richard Hakluyt, (1552-1616), and give a critical evaluation of his achievements as a collector, editor, translator and author of maritime voyages. The first volume is in three parts: A Hakluyt Perspective. Hakluyt’s use of the materials available to him. And From 1552 to 1616 (A Hakluyt chronology by Professor Quinn). The second volume is in two parts: Contents and sources of the three major works (Divers voyages [1582]. Principall navigations [1589]. And Principall navigations [1598 to 1600]; and Hakluyt’s books and sources. This is followed by an index of books and a general index plus a critical bibliography of secondary works and an analytical list of the publications of the ‘Hakluyt Society’, 1846-1973. An essential source of references for readers of Hakluyt and early voyages of navigation. THE HAKLUYT HANDBOOK IN TWO VOLUMES.

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