Paget-Tomlinson, E.


Ashbourne, 1st ed., 1979. 144 pp., frontis, profusely illustrated with photo-ills. + ills. D.j., 25 x 19cm. FINE. The canals of the British Isles are usually associated with the distinctive and decorative narrow boats, but there have also been many other diverse types powered by men, horses, sail, steam and the internal combustion engine. Barges, keels, flats, wherries, sloops, pans and trows were among the craft that traded on river navigations. This book describes and illustrates all the major types of inland waterways craft as well as many of the lesser-known varieties, giving a comprehensive survey of these working vessels. The author's superb line drawings which show the hull, deck and rigging details with the main features labelled, are especially notable. THE VARIETY OF VESSELS OF BRITAIN'S RIVERS AND CANALS.

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