Kemp, Lt.Cmdr. P. K.


1st.ed., 1954. 232 pp., frontis + 32 other photo-plates. Blue cloth; gilt. 22 x 14cm. FINE. A history of the Fleet Air Arm and British naval flying up to the mid-1950’s, including an account of the FAA’s vital role in the struggle against U-boats during the Battle of the Atlantic. The author also examines the early days of the Royal Naval Air Service, the first carrier trials, the birth of the modern aircraft carrier, and the planes of the inter-war period. He goes on to describes the FAA’s epic attack on the Italian Fleet at Taranto, the air assault that sealed the fate of the BISMARCK, convoy protection, air cover for the Army, Pacific operations against the Japanese and other episodes during the Second World War. THE HISTORY OF THE FLEET AIR ARM UP TO 1954. AN EXCEPTIONALLY FINE COPY.

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