Clegg, W. Paul.


Ian Allan, 1st.ed., 1987. 96 pp., profusely illustrated with photographs &c. Pict. laminated boards. 24 x 17cm. Slight crease in upper front board o/w Nr.FINE. The second in a series, each complete in itself, with this book covering the Port of London. Profusely illustrated with photographs and other illustrations the author examines the port’s origins to 1800, Thames passenger services, the first enclosed dock era 1799-1850, consolidation and the second enclosed dock era 1850-1908, strangers in the port, the PLA 1909-1964, decline of the upper docks and developments at Tilbury 1964-1986, port railways, and private wharves and river traffic in the post-war era. There are photographs of ocean liners, deep-sea cargo ships, coasters, tugs and other river craft, sailing barges, windjammers, dock scenes, etc. PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE PORT OF LONDON UP TO 1986.

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