Ballard, Dr. Robert D.


1st.ed., New York, 1990. 232 pp., over 400 photographs & other illustrations (many cold., 2 fldg.). D.j. 28 x 22cm. Nr.FINE. In 1941 following a desperate running sea-fight, the Royal Navy finally closed in and sank Germany’s most powerful battleship, BISMARCK. In 1989, after the author’s successful discovery of the final resting-place of the TITANIC, Dr. Ballard went in search of the battleship and found her sitting upright three miles below the surface of the Atlantic off the coast of France. It had taken him two years to survey over 100 square miles of seabed before he discovered the wreck. Illustrated with more than 400 historic photographs and other illustrations, this book records the search and discovery of the ship that sank the HOOD in minutes and sparked off the greatest sea-chase of the war. A second expedition to the wreck site (Dr, Ballard kept her location secret) has resulted in further evidence as to the sinking of one of the finest battleships ever built. Illustrated with over 400 photographs, etc. DISCOVERY OF BISMARCK 48 YEARS AFTER SHE WAS SUNK.

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