Perrett, Bryan.


1st ed., 1991. 224 pp., photo & other plates + map. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. The ‘last stand’, where the soldier fights on when heavily outnumbered, unable to employ common strategies and facing probable death, has always captured the imagination. The topic is one of psychological as well as military analysis, and the author gives both equal weight. He concentrates on 15 examples including the Old Guard at Waterloo, 1815; Isandhlwana and Rorke’s Drift. 1879; Nery, 1914; Flesquiers, 1917; Sidi Nsir, 1943; The Admin Box, Burma, 1944; Arnhem, 1944; and The Imjin, 1951. In doing so the author questions what makes a small group battle on, when to do so has little logic? Why have some instances resulted in success when failure seemed guaranteed? (This is a companion volume to Against all Odds! #340, available in this catalogue).

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