De Hoyos, Ladislas.


1st Eng. ed., 1985. 310 pp., photo-plates. D.j., 22 x 14cm. Nr.FINE. Former SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Klaus Barbie, a Bolivian citizen and the infamous ‘Butcher of Lyons’, a man twice condemned to death in absentia by French courts, returned to face justice in 1983. Much has been written about Barbie since his extradition from Bolivia but this account of his life by the distinguished French journalist and television reporter, the author sheds new light on the whole affair by virtue of its French viewpoint and the author’s access to previously untapped sources. These include the personal archives of Simon Wiesenthal the renowned chronicler of Nazi activities; new testimonies of Barbie’s persecution of the Jews in Amsterdam, and the transcript of Barbie’s first cross-examination by the French Special Police in Germany in 1948.

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