Turner, P. St. John.


Ian Allan, 1st ed., 1970. 128 pp., photo-ills. D.j., 18 x 23cm. Light tape marks to e.p.'s o/w FINE. The Heinkel company thrived during the German aircraft industry's prolific inter-war and 1939-45 period. Two of its most outstanding achievements were the HE 178, the world's first jet aircraft, and the HE 100-V8 piston-engined aircraft which in March 1939 set a new world speed record of 464 m.p.h. An account of the development, features and career of each of the Heinkel aircraft types constructed, with a full specification in all cases, forms the main body of this book. Also included are details of the background leading to the company's formation and its assimilation into the German aircraft industry of 1970 through the post 1955-revival. With over 100 photographs.

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