Jackson, Robert.


Washington, 1st US ed., 1989. 168 pp., illustrated with a wealth of photo-ills. D.j., 25 x 18cm. FINE. The full story of the trials, tribulations and many successes of Britain's first jet bomber, the Canberra. Britain desperately needed a jet bomber, capable of holding its own with the new generation of fighters, until the V-bomber force became effective. The Canberra, a replacement for the DH Mosquito, was put into 'superiority' production to bridge the gap. It fulfilled its purpose to such good effect that even the USA built it under licence as the Martin B-57. This definitive record of Canberra aircraft, from inception in 1944 to the survivors of 1988, traces each progressive stage of their development as ever-increasing demands were made upon the aircraft to perform such diverse tasks as high and low altitude bombing, training, photo reconnaissance, special duties and target drone.

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