Terraine, John.


Reprinted before publication, 1965. Xi + 400 pp., a wealth of photo-ills. D.j., 28 x 21cm. A little loss & repair to d.j., o/w V.G. The author was in the process of completing this book when the B.B.C. invited him onto their 'Great War' team as a scriptwriter and associate producer. This gave him access to the truly remarkable selection of photographs assembled by the B.B.C. from all parts of the world which helped to make this the most impressive book to be published about the Great War. As accompaniment to over 300 photographs, each with its own explanatory caption, the author has written a brilliant narrative that presents the Great War as it must have been. Here are the young recruits, the professional soldiers, the statesmen, the civilians, the generals, the women, not all of whom, stayed at home and waited. Here too are the cities, battlefields, ships and armies.

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