McGuffie, J. H. (Ed.).


1st ed., 1951. 304 pp., frontis., + 1 map, 1 ill. + e.p., map & sketch. D.j., 22 x 15cm. V.G. Published here, largely for the first time, are the letters of General R. B. Long (an able and perceptive soldier who commanded cavalry with some distinction in the Peninsular War) written from Portugal and Spain during the campaigns of 1811-1813. General Long had a good style and was extremely observant, describing the countryside and its inhabitants, the weather and crops, as well as military matters. His frankness indeed brought him into conflict with his colleagues, some of his complaints receiving the personal attention of Wellington and the Prince Regent. To set the scene the editor gives a biographical description of Long’s background, home-life and military career.

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