Hickey, Colonel Michael.


BCA ed., 1992. 318 pp., 48 photo-plates + 9 maps. D.j., 24 x 16cm. Small sig., o/w FINE. This is a new and revealing account of the Burma Campaign and a character study of the ‘forgotten’ 14th Army lead by Bill Slim. Bulging with fresh, untapped source material, providing new light on characters like Mountbatten, Wingate, Slim and ‘Vinegar Joe’ Stillwell, this book begins with a description of the Japanese master-plan for the conquest of South-East Asia and how they trained, organised and equipped their forces compared with the complacent European colonial powers. It explains how the British commanders at first underestimated the Japanese and how the first counter-offensive in the Arakan was a blunder; how the highly-acclaimed first Chindit expedition under Wingate in fact achieved precious little; how the 14th Army was formed; and how at last the tide turned and the road to Mandalay and Rangoon was forced. These and many more stories are given fresh light in this superb account.

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