Mosley, Leonard.


1st ed., 1974. Xi + 394 pp., 52 photo-plates. D.j., 24 x 16cm. Nr.FINE. Hermann Goering was the second most important man in Nazi Germany. He was Hitler’s officially appointed successor and was enormously popular with the German people. After Hitler withdrew into his Berlin bunker it was Goering who went to make peace with the Americans and he was the outstanding and most formidable figure during the Nuremberg trials. An ace pilot and hero during the First World War, he joined Hitler at the very beginning of the Nazi rise to power and took on an ever-increasing share of the power and responsibility in the new government. He built up the air force and was one of Hitler’s chief advisers, but he received much of the blame when the Nazi war machine began to fail, though he tried desperately to counteract the blunders of Hitler and the Generals. His flamboyant personal life is also considered here with his passionate love for his first wife, his drug addiction, his love of beauty, art treasures, good food and wine, his total loyalty to Hitler and his ultimate defeat and degradation. The author, who himself met Goering, has gathered much previously unpublished material from numerous sources and has interviewed many of Goering’s intimates in researching this vivid and gripping biography.

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