Knopp, Guido.


Stroud, translated rep., 2001. V + 330 pp., 29 photo-plates. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. Hitler relied on an inner circle of henchmen who dedicated themselves entirely to his service. So who were these men who smoothed Hitler's path to power and became the perpetrators of a reign of terror unparalleled in history? What drove them to warmongering and mass murder, to unquestioning obedience and manic racial hatred? Since the early 1980's the author has talked to countless people who knew Hitler's paladins. His research draws upon a wealth of interviews, including some with eye-witnesses, and he has gained access to private papers. His meticulous research has also uncovered new material from British and Russian archives. Here he draws the political and personal profiles of the men behind Hitler. Goebbels, Goring, Himmler, Hess, Speer and Donitz – these were the supporters and executives of Hitler's regime, carrying out his orders with deadly efficiency. Their significance in the web of Nazi power and the extent of their implication in its crimes differed greatly. Yet their psychological profiles have one thing in common: they all provide an answer to the question of how the atrocities of the Nazi era came to be committed. This radical new assessment reveals many hitherto unknown facts and gives a unique and disturbing glimpse behind the scenes of the Nazi regime.

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