General Staff, War Office.


Rep., 1971. Xii + 290 pp., ills. D.j., 19 x 13cm. FINE. Compulsory issue for every officer in the British Army, the Field Service Pocket Book gave concise information on every contingency likely to be faced by the serving officer – from subaltern on the North-West Frontier to staff officer at Headquarters. The 1914 issue is of particular historical importance because it summarises the state of the British Army at the outbreak of World War I. It is one of the few reliable sources of information on the organisation, clothing, armament and services of the BEF. Command structure details are given on such subjects as war establishments, system of command in the field, general organisation and functions of the staff, and distribution of duties among administrative services and departments. Detailed summaries for the serving officer cover ciphers, construction of trenches, setting up firing position, vehicles and stores in common use, discipline, international law, the Army in India, and the construction of an emergency railway station.

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