Warner, Philip.


1st ed., 1985. Viii + 247 pp., 29 photo & other plates. D.j., 24 x 16cm. Nr.FINE. Kitchener was one of the most successful and far-sighted generals Britain has ever had, and his reputation was world-wide. But he has always been a mystery. Legends proliferated about him in his lifetime, and the circumstances of his death have remained an enigma. Only recently, with the fresh material that has come to light, has it become possible to know the real leader behind the campaigns in the Sudan and South Africa, behind the Commander-in-Chief in India, the planner who thwarted Russian ambitions in Afghanistan, and the man who was blamed for the Dardanelles disaster. although blame has since been shown to lay elsewhere. Warner investigates the personal myths as well as the public man and what lay behind his untimely death in 1916. An authoritative work on Kitchener supported by his family giving access to all public and private papers.

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