Rooney, David.


Rep., 1997. Viii + 211 pp., 14 photo-plates. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. 'Mad Mike' Calvert was Wingate's most intrepid column commander during the Burma Campaign of 1942-45. His success in Burma, followed by his time with the SAS in Europe, had made Calvert one of the best-known soldiers in the army, a situation reinforced after the publication of his book Prisoners of Hope in 1952, now regarded as a classic. His whole world fell apart when he was convicted of gross indecency and dismissed from the service. To this day he maintains the whole thing was a set-up and it is vastly to the credit of the author that he has proved as far as it is possible that this was the case. This is a balanced and sensitive biography.

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