Fraser, David.


1st ed., 1982. 604 pp., several photo & other plates + 20 maps. D.j., 23 x 15cm. Edges foxed o/w V.G.+. While others were winning glory on the battlefields of the Second World War, Alanbrooke laboured in Whitehall. He had fought with the artillery in the First World War, made a brilliant career as a peacetime soldier, conducted his Corps in the retreat to Dunkirk with exemplary calm and courage, longed to fight again; yet from the moment in November 1941 that Churchill selected him as Chief of the Imperial General Staff he became indispensable. He was the master strategist and his partnership with Churchill was often turbulent yet endlessly fruitful. Under his chairmanship the Chiefs of Staff became the most efficient machine for the conduct of war which this country had ever seen. With exclusive access to Alanbrooke archives, the author describes this monumental career which shaped global strategy immeasurably.

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