Ellis, C. & Chamberlain, P.


1st ed., 1975. 176 pp., numerous cold., + b&w photo-ills., + ills. 30 x 22 cm. Nr.FINE. This book covers the history of mechanized land warfare through detailed studies of twelve 'families' of outstanding tanks, which dominated battlefields from the Western Front in 1918 to the Sinai Desert in 1973. The circumstances in which they were conceived are recalled, and each tank is described in detail and assessed in perspective. Woven into the stories of these classic tanks of various nations are many of the elements common to any military and mechanical endeavour – imaginative men fighting 'the establishment', inter-departmental squabbles, alternating financial profligacy and parsimony, the work of visionary eccentrics and sound development engineers; and, of course the performance of the tanks in the wars which caused them to be created. This book is illustrated with colour photographs, cutaway and elevation drawings and contemporary black and white photographs.

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