David, Saul.


Brassey’s, 1st Eng., ed., 1995. Xvi + 240 pp., photo-plates + map. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. In late September 1943, nearly 200 veterans of Montgomery’s Eighth Army were arrested for refusing orders to join units of the US Fifth Army at the Salerno beachhead in southern Italy. Within six weeks all but one had been found guilty of mutiny, their sentences ranging from five years’ penal servitude to death. Fifty years on the author of this book became the first historian to gain access to the court martial papers – normally restricted for 75 years. In addition to crucial defence documents and the testimony of eye-witnesses, these papers have exposed flaws, deceptions and explanations which conclude that the men were victims of a terrible injustice. This book provides a compelling case for a Royal Pardon.

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