Wilson, Joan.


1st ed., 1987. Xiv + 186 pp., plates. D.j. 23 x 15cm. FINE. In 1806, after a protracted and secret courtship, Wellington married the love of his youth, Kitty Pakenham. Based on many unpublished letters and diaries the author reveals the truth behind their marriage. It begins with their courtship in Dublin in the 1790’s, against a turbulent background of rebellion in Ireland and wars in Spain and Portugal, his rejection by the Longford family and subsequent departure to Flanders and India in search of military and financial success. Wellington returned twelve years later ‘for one purpose only’ – to marry Kitty. But their happiness was short-lived and within three years the marriage had practically disintegrated. Arthur left Kitty and his sons for the Peninsular War, in which he served for six years without once taking home leave.

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