Sleeman, Colin. (Ed.).


1st ed., 1948. Lxxii + 245 pp., photo-plates & a map. Red cloth; 22 x 14cm. Inscription; V.G. In January 1946 there began trials in Singapore of Japanese soldiers on charges of war crimes. This book records the trial of Captain Gozawa Sadaichi and nine other Japanese soldiers who were accused of maltreating Indian prisoners of war who refused to join the Japanese-sponsored Indian National Army. The British wanted to avoid accusations of 'victor's justice' to bolster the argument for preserving the British Empire and so they granted the defendants full legal representation. The editor of this book, Colin Sleeman, acted as senior counsel for the defence. Captain Sadaichi was sentenced to twelve years imprisonment, others were sentenced to lesser terms of imprisonment whilst one defendant was acquitted and Lieutenant Kaniyuki Nakamura was sentenced to death for the illegal execution by beheading of an Indian serviceman.

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