Robichon, Jacques.


1st Eng., translation, 1969. X + 314 pp., frontis., map + photo-plates. D.j., 23 x 16cm. Small repairs to d.j., o/w V.G. This book is an exciting minute-by-minute story of the re-conquest of the south of France. The Allied command originally planned it as part of a staggering one-two knockout combination from which even the mighty Wehrmacht could never recover, striking simultaneously across the English Channel and through the Mediterranean. But there were simply not enough landing craft for an operation of such magnitude. The southern assault had to be postponed until the naval forces that helped crush Normandy could be freed and redeployed. The air of breathless anticipation that caught up attackers, defenders and civilians alike is contagious as the book piles detail upon detail – the fatal early signal to the French Resistance, the desperation of the under-prepared Germans in the face of Hitler's insane order to hold to the death, the tragedies that befell the heroic advance forces of paratroop commandos.

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